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Fishing Report
As the heat wave continues to affect trout action... Trout bite has been slow on both lakes, with anglers using Power Bait (especially chartreuse, garlic and salmon peach), night crawlers and lures to catch limits. Best bite is before 9:00am. Best spots include the northern and western shores of lake 2 and the eastern logged shore and western shore near the drain of lake 3. Anglers report good bass bite on the northern and southern shores of lake 2 near the inlets and on lake 3 near pump house. Anglers report good bass action on both lakes. Bass are biting on senkos, spinner bait and drop shotted night crawlers with fish weighing up to 4 pounds. Bluegill are active and biting on night crawler and meal worms with fish weighing up to 1 pound. Hot spots for bluegill are the western shore of lake 3 near the pump house and the western shore of lake 2 near the drain.
Catch of the week: So Cal angler, Paul Fournier scored an 8.99 Lbs rainbow on salmon peach Power bait while fishing the north shore of lake 2.

Recent Catches

Catches of the week: Jorge Poveda of Ontario, caught 7.11 pound trout using an ultra light with heavy weight jig from the north shore of lake 2.
Florida angler, Jessie, caught his 6.5 Lbs trout on night crawlers. He and his brother Michael (from Ohio) were fishing on the north shore of Lake 2. Erik Rodriguez of Palmdale, caught a 5.3 Lbs rainbow from the Eastern shore of Lake 2 with a blue & black plastic worm. Hesperia angler, Ryan McMullan, caught a 6.28 Lbs rainbow on a Trout King from the north shore of lake 2. Ten year old Stanton angler, Paahavet Carmello reeled in a 8 Lbs 5 Oz rainbow using an inflated night crawler with garlic spray while fishing Lake 2. Armando Acevedo of Monclair used a Trout Teaser jig to catch his 7 lbs 1 Oz rainbow from the western shore of Lake 2. Apple Valley angler, Brandon Westover, caught his 7.8 Lbs rainbow on a night crawler from the eastern shore of lake 2. Big Catches of the Week: Adam Ramirez of Ontario CA, scored a 7.42 rainbow on salmon peach Power Bait while fishing the north-east point of Lake 2. Victorville angler, Darnell Kennedy, reeled in a 7 Lbs trout from the western shore of lake 2 on rainbow/salmon peach Power Bait. Missael Soto of Victorville caught 8.9 and 4.6 Lbs rainbows using a grey and white minnow while fishing the eastern logged shore of Lake 3. Gerald Young of Apple Valley reeled in a 7.45 Lbs rainbow on a night crawler from the western shore of lake 2. Catches of Week: Chino angler, Brad Donahue, caught an 11.51 trout ob a Bline brown jig while fishing the eastern shore of lake 3. Pico Rivera angler, Gabriel Delacruz, caught a 4. 16 Lbs trout on salmon peach Power Bait on lake 2. Ernest Cerecedes of Anaheim scored an 11 lbs trout on an inflated night crawler while fishing the western shore of lake 2. Paula Bennett of Apple Valley reeled in a 4 Lbs rainbow from the north shore of lake 2 n hatchery pellet Power Bait Fullerton angler, Mark Kaihara, scored a 10.5 Lbs rainbow to limit. He used a brown jig and fished lake 3 at Jess Ranch Lakes. Phil Hildebrandt of Anaheim reeled in an 11 Lbs catfish on bonito bait from the eastern shore of lake 3. Jo Bleeker of Ventura scored a 6.2 Lb rainbow on corn Power Bait to limit while fishing the western shore of Lake 2 at Jess Ranch Lakes. Catches of the Week: John Papazian of Van Nuys caught his 5.4 Lbs rainbow on garlic Power Bait while fishing the western shore of Lake 3 with his friend Peter Enrique of Sylmar who caught his four trout on Salmon Peach Power Bait. Jesse Velasquez of Loma Linda scored a 15 Lb catfish on mackerel while fishing the north shore of Lake 2. He also caught an 11.5 Lbs catfish as well. Catch of the week: Seth Maloney scored a pair of 8 Lbs trout while fishing for bass with a Rattle Trap. He caught the pair of rainbows while fishing the western shore of Lake 3. Kevin Salgado of Hesperia caught a 7.8 Lbs rainbow on a mini jig while fishing the western shore of lake 3. Jason Lawler of Apple Valley used mackerel to catch his 7.5 Lbs Catfish from the western shore of lake 2.

PFournier8.99LbsBT JRL JPoveda7.11LbsBT
Brothers6.5Lbs PCarmello8.5BT MAllen2.75BT
RMcMullan6.28BT PCarmello8.5BT AAcevedo7.1LbsBT
BWestover7.8BT Aramirez7.42BT DKennedy7LbsBT
RBurson10LLbsBT MWilkinson5.2BT SWilliams8.75BT
MissaelSoto8.9&4.6LbsBT MKaihara10.5LBSBT PHildebrandt11LBSCat
JPapazian5.4LbsBT&PEnriqueBT JRL JBleeker6.2BT
JVelasquez15LbCat SMaloneyBT KSalgado7.8BT
JLawler7.5LBCat DValdez11.4BT DGarciaSR.7.5BT
FWinterswyck9.4BT JSherman6LBBT RubenJr.8-6.8BT
RMartinez6.8LbBT Guy8LbBT DadAndDaughter
FWinterswyk9.8BT 5LbCatbyBoy GMantooth14LbsCat
SGarcia6-6.2-7.8BT JVelasquez16.8Cat JConaway10.7lbBT
JFernandez8.7LbsBT RDelaTora7.9BT SGarcia7.8BT
ECorrela6LbCat SGarcia4.3Bass SGarcia7.8LBBT
MKaihara5LbBT RPerez6.5LBBT DBock5BT
ERodriguez7.6&8.9BT MKaihara7LB DChapman8.75BT
GuyBT ThreeLimits Limits
BoyBT JBon8.6BT JOlin7.4,6.7,3.5BT
TVillaluavo7.8BT SKinsey9.1Cat SKinsey5LBSBT
GNaka4Lbs12ozsBT JLawler8Cat MillFamily5.8BT
Dad&Daughter GuyWithCats Mike&Friend
MEstrada4Lbs4ozsBT JEdward3Lbs4ozsBT LWolbert7.5LbsBT
AAcevedo6.34BT BucarelliStringers MillsFamily5.12BT
DColantuono7Lbs10ozsBT BPettyfer6Lbs2ozsBT OrrBoys
HGehl3Lbs3ozsBT NTapia4LbsBT JNevarez3Lbs7Ozs
FDaily6Lbs7ozsBT GTorrado3Lbs12ozsBT EodiceFamily
BarajasBrothers5Lbs4ozs-3Lbs2ozsBT JBonLimit JGallegos5Lbs7ozsBT
RQuinteros5Lbs4ozsBT PBott3Lbs15ozsBT Mike'sStringer
RMcMullen4Lbs7ozsBT Guy4BT DDemerjian6Lbs5ozsBT
RPerez10LBSBT JBarber5Lbs13ozsBT BCampos6Lbs8ozsBT
JUyehara6Lbs7ozsBT GuysWithStringer RDiaz6Lbs11ozsBT
CCastellanos9Lbs14ozBT THubuis&MEaton9Lbs15ozsBT RMcMullen2.75BT
MMoceri8.11BT FamilyLimits AIncardona4Lbs9OzsBT
CReeves11LbsBT JAdams7Lbs14ozsBT AContreras7Lbs7ozsBT
JJones5Lbs8Ozs GEstrada3Lbs7OzsBT TroutKingGuys
JVelasquz9LbCat JLawlerCat 2GuysWithCats
DJurgensen6Lbs13ozsBT MMorgan4Lbs7ozsBT MMoceri6.6BT
RDelatorre11.26Cat TNieves6Lbs4ozsBT MMoceri4.26-4.87BT
WColbertJrBass ALewinson1Lbs4OzsBG WCobertSrBass
Louis&Brian8LbCat AIncardona6Lbs14ozsBT JNavarez6Lbs13ozsBT
WColbertJrBass ALewinson1Lbs4OzsBG WCobertSrBass
JYoung7-Lbs-9-OzsBT LPete7-Lbs-4-OzsBT JCady3-Lbs-8-OzsBT
JCady6-Lbs2-OzsBT TNieves17Lbs9OzsLimit SBerrera3Lbs5OzsBT
MannysLimit JLWolbert6lbsBT CodyLimit
MReblla5lbs14ozsBT JWoods7Lbs11ozBT RSurek5lsb10ozBT
FWinterswyk6Lbs13Ozs Limits Limit
AGehl 8.4BT HGehl6.3 D Ochoa 6.14BT
C Moree 8LbBT ARodriguez5.15BT J Adams 10LbsCat
D Alaniz 7LbsBT M Kaihara 9.8-4.5BT A Gehl 7Lb BT
S Garcia BT 2limits BT
MMoceri5.8BT BErb4.3BT Stringer
JBon6BT JPerez4.9BT BLineGuys
MWatson5.7BT CAvensa4.8BT FBuhl4.8BT
FBuhl5.9BT JBon5.1-5.1 JYoung5.1-5.1BT
FBuhl5.9BT MKaihara5.5BT NRaner3.9BT
CBorella7.3BT TMendoza4.4BT RAlexander13.2BT
F&C-Buhl4.2-5.14BT GuysLimits Dad&SonLimits
CVong11LbsBT RVigil 22Lb Limit DeleonLimit
PMedrano4.1BT ERodriguez6BT CoupleWithLimits
Limit Limit RGarcia4.6BTLimits
JBon6.13BT RSmalley8.7BT JDeleon5.4BT
NStandafer8.3BT BRojas5.12BT Stringer
SMonroy6.11BT EKaihara4.4-3.4BT RHernandez4.9BT
JRodriguez9.4BT JRodriguez9.4BT ManStringer
CMoree4.4BT Stockham7.8BT ManStringer
AMartinez8.13BT LPete5.2BT MGarrison9.7BT
JBon6.11BT HLumStringer JBlosdaleStringer
JVelasquez3.6-3.10-3.9-2.7BT JCreekLimit MHarwellBT
CReeves9.13BT GDeGuzman9.8BT JTanaka5.2BT
AIncardona4.5-3.15-3.7-2.9BT JShannon4.4BT JTumangan3.5-3.4-3.2-2.7BT
Raymond4.4BT RGonzalez3.7BT Limits
SHenning3.8BT TCass3BT AdamAndNoahLimits
ManLimit JOBT Mike's Limit
TDuimstra8BT Mkarhara16.13BT BMatsashita9.15BT
CoupleBT MMarquez10.2BT JJBrown
GMarquez6.14BT DPinaLimit 4.12-3.12BT
RVerdugo6.5BT FamLimits SBulgarelli7.12BT
TPhelps14.11Cat CMoree11LbLimit KToyaLimit
IManning10.5BT Limit DAlaniz5.3BT
SimimentalFam M3Lb Guy2limits
Limits 12LbLimits Limit
MLimit RKuroda3BT KSniderLimit
JCreek11.07BT MPolson11BT GKennedy18.4Cat
GKennedy7.10Cat GWolfe3.2BT GCat
CarlosLimit JCreekLimit ALewinson7.14Cat
M Ortiz 6.11 catfish MOrtiz&familyWithCat ASanfordCatLimit
MGehl3.7BT JRL EAdame6.7APBT
AGoodman3.2BT DelmoreLimits AStaffieri5BT
LPete4.14BT JYoung5.1BT Joe-Fish-NevarezLimit
TNieves&JordanLimits LarryBT TAlexander17.2Limit
EToddLimit BCarr2.14-2.13BT L.A.LittleJohn5.8BT
HMorgan3.10BT TAlexanderLimitPlus BMorgan3.5BT
TNievesAndJordanLimits KCAlbinoCat DadAndSon
ETodd7.5BT FWinterswyk11LbLimit LPete3.15BT
HFarnsworth3.9BT Couple5-12 Cat
PMathis4.5BT MathisFamily DOchoa3.11-3.0BT
CCASTELANOS11.4Cat XBarriga7.1Cat CCoshow7.2Cat
TTauchi4.8BT LPete3.14BT ManLimit
MRenshaw4.5BT DOchoa8.9BT DOchoa4.9BT
ETinoco3.14BT GHartz3.14BT
BOldenkamp4.5BT LMaruo4.12BT JAdams4.1-3.14BT
DWilliams4.4BT WDelcid3.12-3.14BT LPete3.14BT
PBott4.3BT JOcull5.9BT CVidaurri2.7-2.8-2.11BT
AThomas5.6BT AIncardonaLimit JTumangan5.13BT
JRudd3.11-3.2BT AIncardona6.10BT CMoree3.11BT
ArredondoFamily JBarnes3.10-4.2BT ARodriguez5.7BT
L&DLimits DChristian7.6BT MConway4BT
MDupleasis6.3BT AReyes10.4BT LPete3.5BT
CVidaurri6.4BT JGorman7.9BT RMorgan6.13BT
CMoree6.6BT RVilla6.4BT DHesch4.6BT
JOcull5BT RSanchez4.1BT AGomez6.13BT
MKerns5.3BT TWatanuki6.6BT JBradford6.1Cat
Rabb-AguinsLimits AIncardonaLimit3.6-3.7-5.13-7.7 KOcull3.1BT
ERodriguez3.15BT CHolguin3.2-3.13BT RRodriguez3.11BT
RGorman3.5BT CMarlin8.15BT JGorman3BT
CMoree4.2BT KCashner2.8BT
GHernandez9.2BT CHolguin3.5BT
PBott3.12BT BLeitchDougBoyLimits JPMedranoLimits
E&SLimits RRodriguezLimit BoyWithTrout
MKaihara9.7BT NVelez10BT JBon9.6BT
ACastro8.14BT JRL JGonzales2.7BT
DHall5.5BT GWolfe10Cat Man2.6BT
MPolson6.3BT ABrooks4.3BT
JErickson7.3cat JHampen2.13 ARodriguez9.12 Limit
GGomez4.4 JCreek3.5 DMoreno2.10
BGurneal7.3BT BGurneal11.9Cat LHarmon3.10-3.2BT
LDuran2.14BT CTarpley8.11Cat OMiranda7.4BT
JSayegh5.5BT F Bahena 6.2 Cat FWinterswyk6.2-5.0BT
JYoung2Limits Dad and Son Limits GuysLimits
C&J Phinny Limits F Daily 9.2 BT JCervera5.8BT
SCarpenter4BT GFrazer5.3BT RBeason4.1BT
IArnaut7.9-7.11BT CJurgenson6BT FDaly11.12BT
DPowell7.1BT ETodd5.8BT LKuy7.8BT
BKodama5BT CLeyva10.12BT JCreek9.10Cat
JTisdale10.4BT ETodd4.2BT DHerndon8.2BT
TNieves6BT HStaal6.13BT MHarwell5.6BT
BGomez4.3BT ETodd5.6-5.11.-8BT FWinterswyk6.12BT
CMoree5.1BT JHouser3.3BT GKiriakos11.11BT
AChamberlain12.4Cat DNavarez8.12BT CLopez6.3BT
SJanicke6.13BT CMoree7.8BT MNunez6.5BT
ETodd3.12-4.8BT BLeitch7.1BT BMeyers5BT
RVigil4.11-5.8BT WZavala5.7BT GHartz4.4BT
DMunoz7.11BT JYoung6.12BT WKlomp4.8BT
ETodd9.10BT MHarwell10.3BT LBorja9.13BT
HHouse4.4BT JJuarez9.5BT RMarkussen7.2BT
JRheabass RMarkussen5.12BT KFagines4.12BT
JShandor5.15BT BMegerdichyan10.3BT SSidney5.11BT
JYoung4.11-4.9BT CCook6BT KSpilsbury4.10BT
RKuroda6.3BT RSantora5.12BT FMota5.6BT
REndlich4.11BT DWright6.2BT JFlenoy4.10BT
MOliver7.4-6.12BT JRojas5.5BT SBulgarelli4.10BT
AIncardona5.4BT JHernandez4.10&Friends MWatson4.13BT
ERodriguezJR5.2BT GNagy4.4BT ERodriguezSR3.10BT
PMiller5.2-5.3-5.6BT JTrimmer3.15BT JBrandford3BTLimit
JPerky5.2-5.6BT MChichella4.11BT RRendleman4.11BT
JSanchez4.4BT FSoriano 4.1BT TJames3.5BT
AndyMartinez4BT ASanford19.7Cat Chinns
JYoung4.7BT ERodriguez3.14BT CJurgensen3.8BT
ACollins3.1BT RMartinez14.11Cat FDaily7.13BT
JYoung4.5BT JVigil5.9BT MEstrada5.2BT
Perez Family Limits DNott3.11BT Limits
TRopelato3.12BT MPleydle7.8BT REnriquez3BT
SKwoh4.6BT JHerrera3.8BT
CMoree4.2BT Chinn3BT Tapia5.4BT
EHuynh3.11BT RCruz4BT PBott3.4BT
MShandor5.11&3.11BT GAtkins9.3BT RRivera4.5BT
CSchiefer4.13BT AAcevedo4.6BT Kendra6.8BT
Daniel5.8BT&DAvid Giles 5.4&4.6BT JBaker7.9BT

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